I'm sure Kellen Moore has had this conversations many times with his family, When is it time to stop playing?

The former Boise State great, in fact BSU icon, was released by the Dallas Cowboys yesterday and may be headed for the Cowboys practice squad. If that's the case, why?

Moore has been there done that when it comes to the Cowboys practice squad. There are plenty of NFL teams right now hurting for quarterbacks why not give Moore a shot.

Granted, Moore isn't the most athletically gifted but his football mentality is at a different level than most. Think about it at Boise State Kellen Moore won 50 games in four years. That's an average of 12.5 wins a season, who does that? He beat the Georgia's, The Virginia Techs, the TCU's and then some.

Least we forget the two games Moore lost as a starter were because of missed makeable field goals. He could have easily gone 54-0 as a starter. Kellen Moore is why Boise State fans are spoiled!

Kellen's other option is coaching. The Cowboys have said numerous times Kellen was kept in part because he was so football smart.

Let me put it this way, Boise State's current dynamic duo at quarterback Montel Cozart and Brett Rypien are both more athletic than Moore so why the struggles?

Cozart and Rypien  are students of the game, Moore was a professor with a doctorate no less. Moore could stand at the line of scrimmage and predict which receiver would be open before the ball was snapped. Moore saw the future and if you ask me that future now is coaching.

I remember the first time coach Chris Petersen introduced Moore at a press conference. I though he had just picked a face from a boys choir and was planning to kill the opposition with niceness. Moore wasn't about to intimidate anyone but he was about to out finesse Bronco opponents for the next four years!

Now may well be the time for Kellen Moore to finesse from the sidelines and we can only hope the field is Bronco Blue.

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