Scroll through our website and you’ll get to peek inside dozens of expensive, quirky, historic or just down right odd homes. We first saw this home last June and always wondered what became of it. 

Lysi Bishop Real Estate at Keller Williams Realty Boise
Lysi Bishop Real Estate at Keller Williams Realty Boise

At the time it was one of the 15 most expensive homes on the market in Boise. Built in 1975, it looked really different from the other luxury homes on the list. From the outside, it was rather unassuming but proved to be a case where you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. What was it about this house that kept causing it to creep back into our thoughts?

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Is it the fact that the interior looks like it stepped right out of the Brady Bunch or that episode of WandaVision where Wanda had her twins? No. 

Is it the really cool, bright red Sub Chill appliances in the kitchen? No. 

It’s the fact that this house has a BIG SECRET. And it’s not a nightmare inducing secret like this famous home on Linden in Boise. It’s a secret that we think that any potential buyer would LOVE having inside their home if they could afford it! That’s why we’re really happy to see that the home is back on the market so that we can show it to you! 

By the end of this tour of this $1.25 million home that’s pretty hidden as you drive down Cole Road, you’ll know what that secret is and it will have you wanting to run out and buy a Powerball ticket! 

Sensational Hidden Boise Home Has a Spectacular Secret

You can barely see this incredible home from Cole Road and it has something that any buyer would be envious of hiding inside! What is it? Take the tour and find out!

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