At first I thought this HAD to be a mistake, but it's on multiple real estate sites. It's a small house, but are they really asking $10,000 for this A-frame in Meridian? There is one catch...

At first I thought that the realtor must have put in the numbers wrong on Zillow but then I saw the same house on! Got $10,000? If these ads are correct, then this 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 650 square foot A-frame house in Meridian could be yours! It's over on Linder between Franklin and the freeway right now but it has to be MOVED. Where? That's up to you but hopefully you can find a little plot of land nearby. Look, it isn't a palace, that's for sure... But the price of the house (and the estimated $49/month payment) are nothing to scoff at! With a cool spiral staircase and an old school fireplace, the house is pretty cool. Is it ready for some upgrades? Yeah, I think so... You'll have to buy a fridge and maybe update some of the interior of this house, but that's doable, right? Check out the pictures!

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See? A cool A-frame house, conveniently located in Meridian close to the freeway...

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A spiral staircase that you probably shouldn't venture down if you've had some cocktails...

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Okay, the pink countertops need to go but a quick trip to Home Depot will fix this right up!

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A fireplace and an electric fireplace right next to each other... This is like the Spider Man meme where there are multiple Spider Men pointing at each other.

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Lastly a teeny tiny bathroom that could also use some updating... Sold on this $10k house yet?

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