True romance comes in many ways. Usually a life altering situation or near death experience is enough to make people more grateful for the good things in their lives. This is a heartwarming story that almost ended tragically.

How did you know that your significant other was 'The One'? It most likely didn't spur from a life and death situation like it did for Boise's Lancey Robbins and Andrew Leon. The couple who are in their early 20s took a day fishing trip to Stanley on Memorial Day. On the way to Stanley Lancey was driving and Andrew was in the passenger seat getting a little car nap in when disaster struck. More specifically an on coming vehicle struck them in a massive head on crash on Highway 20.

Lancey talked to KTVB about the crash saying, “They weaved into the opposite lane, our lane and I had that sinking feeling, there’s nothing I can do, they were going to hit us.”

With crumpled metal, shattered glass and the smell of gasoline things were in bad shape for the couple. Both were trapped in the vehicle. Andrew originally went unconscious but luckily woke up and was able to dial 911. Both were transported to St. Alphonsus in Boise.

Lancey's injuries were extensive and caused her to need a lot of surgeries and extensive physical therapy. “My physical therapist had to bribe me sometimes to do physical therapy and told me that if I got in my wheelchair, I could go up to Andrew’s room and go see him.”

One of those earned visits as it turned out was a life changing visit for the couple. Andrew proposed to Lancey right there in the hospital room at St. Alphonsus. “It was a really special moment just to see each other and say, 'We’re still alive, I still have you, and we get to have a future together."

Things got harder before they got easier for the newly engaged couple though. A doctor noticed the lymph nodes in Lancey's neck were enlarged and inflamed. A biopsy test came back showing that she is positive for stage 2 non-Hodgkins lymphoma that she has started treatment for. 
Ready for the happy ending? After more physical therapy Lancey was able to walk down the isle and her and Andrew got married.

If you would like to follow the couple's story, Lancey keeps people updated on her facebook and you can also help her through her recovery you can donate to her GoFund Me.


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