It seems like it’s been a looooong wait, but the 11 miles of previously blocked areas of Boise's Greenbelt are now open!! With all the flooding concerns over the last few months, the warmer weather and holiday season feels like the perfect time for this to happen. I know my family has been missing it!

For a detailed map of the closed and open areas,  click HERE!

Just because areas are open, you should still obey all posted signs and stay out of closed and fenced off areas for safety reasons, there are still a lot of dangerous conditions in some areas because of trees with roots undermined by the water, as well as bank and pathway stability concerns. 

Officials urge residents to “be alert and aware of your surroundings when traveling on all paths.” Also, the “Dangerous River Condition” remains in effect. So, people and pets should still stay out of the river.

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