Ahh, the lengths people will go to fetch coffee and make copies.

A nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic has generated headlines after it made prospective interns wear bikinis as part of the process for getting hired.

Yeah, we're talking about a nuclear power plant and not a place with a pole where women have to dance to Motley Crue.

The Temelin plant posted photos on Facebook of the youngsters in their skimpy suits. The since-deleted post asked people to vote on the girl they preferred, with the winner locking down a two-week internship because nothing says you're qualified to deal with nuclear energy quite like the ability to rock a two-piece.

The post even went so far to as to say that the winner would be dubbed "Miss Energy 2017," reports TMZ. That's not degrading. At all. And side note: you know you've done something when even TMZ is reporting on you and you're not named Kardashian.

As you may imagine, some people had a big problem with the unusual hiring strategy and the facility apologized (see below) before offering gigs to all 10 girls, who we're hoping elected to go a different route for summer work.

One Facebook user even chastised the plant by writing, "You find the number of likes under half-naked picture of a young lady as adequate and/or tasteful criterion for a career opportunity that is promoted as 'professional?'"

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