The secret is out and the world now knows about Boise and the surrounding areas hence our housing fiasco. What are we to do? stop being awesome? stop doing what others won't do for their neighbors? Stop being Boise kind?

Absolutely NOT! At the risk of attracting more people to Boise and the Treasure Valley, Today I'm going to share yet another very cool thing that odds are only happens in Boise ( I hear people in California loading up the Uhaul already).

As we all know hiking is a thing in Boise and a lot of the time it's an early morning thing. Few would argue that there is anything better than a hot cup of coffee to go along with their morning hike, Matt Bishop "The Coffee Cowboy" loves the idea so much that once a month he and his trusty steed Richard the Mule head up to the Boise foothills fully loaded with gallons of Cafe Mule coffee to share with runners, hikers, mountain bikers and anybody they come across on the trail. The best part is that the coffee is free while supplies last.

Why does Matt do it? he told Idaho news 6 that while serving in the Marines on deployment in the Middle East and Latin America he noticed that "In both places, there were beverages that people would congregate around and just relax and enjoy their time," Bishop continued. "I had this concept that if I served coffee in the foothills, people would really enjoy going there as a destination and encourage some outdoor activity.

Only in Boise. Have you seen or had coffee with Matt and Richard the mule? If not look for them in the foothills on August 14th.

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