Boise kind is a thing in our city and I definitely subscribe to it. I always see it happening and when I don't I hear about it. I feel that because we're here day in and day out sometimes we forget but if you talk to all of those people that are moving here the first thing they say is "people are so nice here" or "this city has such a chill vibe". It's hard to argue with it however at some point we have to draw the line. Here is one reason not to be kind to people in Boise.

Last night a friend and I go to dinner at Solid downtown Boise, we have a good meal, some laughs and of course we had ordered dessert before we even got our meal so we ended up with doggy bags to take home. As we walked out of the restaurant we stopped on the sidewalk near a bench to finish our conversation and say our goodbye's. I noticed a scrubby looking man sitting on the bench  but thought nothing of it, my friend on the other hand sprung into action, he grabbed my to go box, turned around and handed both our leftovers to the poorly dressed man on the bench. He said "I know times are tough but this is good food"... The man responded "Why are you treating me like I'm a homeless person, I'm just waiting for my wife so we can go to dinner".

Needless to say both my friend and I were super embarrassed and wanted the ground to swallow us instantly. There you have it, one reason not to be kind to people in Boise. Otherwise I suggest we all do our best to live up to our reputation and be Boise Kind.

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