Houston Nutt spent just one year as head football coach at Boise State. His team went 5-7 in 1997 and even then Houston was a lightning rod.

Used car salesman some said, that's what he is. Nutt's outgoing personality and that southern drawl probably added to the used car salesman perception.

My experience with Nutt as I covered the Broncos, broadcasted their games on hosted the Huston Nutt weekly coaches show was pleasant. Coaches aren't always easy to work with during the season especially having to make time for a thirty minute coaches show on Sunday but Houston was always ready to rock and never boring.

Given his personality it's not surprising he's gone public with concerns Ole Miss used a smear campaign against him he feels has kept him from coaching. Nutt left Boise State for Arkansas and then Ole Miss where he coached from 2008-2011.

Ole Miss faces 21 NCAA violations that surfaced in 2016 and were attributed to Nutt and his staff. Nutt wants an apology claiming a smear tactic to protect the current staff.

Unfortunately Nutt makes a great scapegoat because there were alleged violations on his watch which in part led to his dismissal.

Nutt however doesn't want to take the fall for all 21 alleged violations and he feels the "smear campaign" can be proven in court and that he wants to coach again and if the truth comes out that might happen even as he nears 60 years old.

Nutt says he misses coaching so much.

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