Idaho is well known for it's potatoes. In fact many who have never been to the gem state really only think of potatoes when someone says Idaho. We know we are oh so much more but are still proud of our popular crops of potatoes.

We have a potato hotel, a potato museum and the famous potato bowl. We even celebrate with a massive potato dropping from the sky on New Years Eve to bring in the new year.  Yet a couple from New Zealand is making international headlines with some massive potato news. Ok, well maybe just a massive potato.

People magazine and the Associated Press featured the couple named Colin and Donna. They were doing some yard work in the garden when they came across something that took them both by surprise. It took them a little while to even figure out what it was until Colin cut a small piece and tasted it - A gigantic -and very ugly- potato.

"...It’s quite possibly the largest potato on record. When the couple lugged it into their garage and put it on their old set of scales, it weighed in at a remarkable 7.9 kilograms (17.4 pounds). That’s equal to a couple of sacks of regular potatoes, or one small dog." (Associated Press)

We have potatoes but has Idaho beat out a potato that size. Sure you may be thinking of the "Big Idaho Potato" That tours the country on the back of a semi truck. Well sorry to bust your bubble, its not real. This video shows the making of it:

So it this it? Did a couple in New Zealand seriously just randomly find the larges potato on record in their yard? I feel like we can do better Idaho. We need to go for an 18 pound tater.

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