Just when you thought that the magic movie card couldn't get any better, they go and do this! 

Last week when we gave away tickets to see the Boise Philharmonic's romantic performance of Romeo and Juliet, I realized that there's a HUGE problem in the Treasure Valley.  That realization came from the fact that five of the seven people who got through to win tickets were men, desperately trying to win tickets so they could actually enjoy a date night with their wives, fiances or girlfriends. Why are Treasure Valley men not enjoying one-on-one time with their significant others? I asked and got one of two answers: we have kids or it's just too expensive for us to enjoy a date night.

Case in point? Hillarie, who eventually won the tickets, told me that she and her guy had been putting off date nights because they're trying to save money to buy a new home.  In the brief moments where I considered buying rather than renting, I remember how daunting all the costs that come with a home felt.

But what if I told you that you and your guy could enjoy as many movie dates as you wanted for just $7.95 a month? You can with MoviePass! This little magic movie card's popularity exploded in the Treasure Valley in late 2017 when they slashed the monthly subscription price to just $9.95. For that price, you were able to see one movie a day, every single day for as long as you keep your membership.  The subscription comes with just a few restrictions: MoviePass isn't valid for 3D or IMAX showings and they will hold you to the one movie a day limit. Not a huge deal breaker.

You still held out because you thought it was too good to be true, but now that you've seen how much your friends' love theirs, you're ready to get on board.

Well act fast! According to Mashable, the service hasn't determined the end date on the special $7.95 price.  If you sign up during the promotion, you also get access to streaming movies through their new partner, Fandor.

Movie Pass is accepted at all the big theaters in the Treasure Valley including Edwards, Village Cinema, The Majestic and The Flicks.

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