This looks to be a fun year of college football in the Mountain West with the unpredictable becoming the predictable!

The first clue that things are getting interesting was found Saturday in San Diego where the Aztecs lost to Fresno State 27-3.

Wait a minute, wasn't San Diego State supposed to be hoping mad after losing to Boise State and ready to take out their frustration on the Bulldogs?

Yep, that was the plan but nobody clued Fresno State!

Don't look now but Fresno State is 4-0 in Mountain West play while San Diego State, undefeated and a top 20 football team two weeks ago is now 2-2 in league and dropped from the rankings. Did anybody see that coming?

Boise State fans take notice because the Broncos and Bulldogs collide November 25th in Fresno and the way things are going, they could meet two weeks in a row! A season ending game November 25 and a Mountain West Title game December 3rd.

Okay, I'm way ahead of myself here....After all Boise State has to play at Utah State, at 4-0 Colorado State and while the Broncos host Air Force, it's still Air Force that pesky academy that seems to have BSU's number! In short, lots of football yet to be played.

All that being said, the Mountain West Conference has really gotten interesting an arm chair quarterbacks dream but a coaches nightmare.

Tune in next week when everything could be different.

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