Something about summer makes day drinking feel like a good idea. And who am I to argue with what the season inspires? We all just need to go with the flow and when there’s a margarita crawl in Boise, you attend. When there’s a mimosa crawl in Boise, you attend. But probably not both, just because in this case they are only a day apart. So which tickles your fancy?

On the one hand, a mimosa crawl is fitting for the avid bruncher. The bottomless mimosas are what make brunch so special. And this is that but you get your steps in. The Boise Mimosa Crawl runs from noon to 5pm in Downtown Boise on August 8th which potentially includes some of your favorite places like Fork and Tupelo Honey.
On the other hand, margaritas are made for summer. From experience I must warn that the Boise Margarita Crawl would require some discipline in pacing, however. Tequila hits harder than champagne most of the time. The trick is to hydrate as you go and make sure you've got some food in your system. It takes place August 7th, just a day before the Boise Mimosa Crawl so you understand why choosing one might be best for your liver. But if you're not scared of a hangover, hit up both!
It's less than $20 bucks to sign up, which is great for anyone ballin' on a budget, like I am. It's hosted by AZ Food Festivals, which always has events like this, so you can follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on any new delightful drinking adventures coming to Boise. But you can also just head downtown and drink any day of the week because you're an adult and you can.

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