At one time, Marshawn Lynch was the most powerful player in the NFL.  He powered the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl Win and was the unofficial spokesperson for Skittles.  Today Marshawn is a journey man running back for his hometown team the Oakland Raiders.  Lynch has made headlines again, not for his play on the field, but for his actions before the game.

Beast-mode decided to join other NFL players by sitting for the playing of the national anthem.  However, the Raiders were playing the Patriots in Mexico, not in America.  Lynch did stand for the Mexican National Anthem.  No one knows why.  It was a lapse in judgment and insulting to anyone who loves America.

Mexico is a country that has a horrible record of human rights abuses.  Citizens are kidnapped, murdered and most people would rather live in America.  Never mind the Narco Drug Traffickers, who continue to terrorize the Mexican Nation.

Why would anyone in their right mind stand for a country with such issues and sit during ours?  By the way, does anyone know what Marshawn is protesting?

Perhaps the Raider Nation should protest Lynch's pitiful on field performance?  The Raiders should either suspend Lynch or release him.  It's called addition by subtraction.


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