The eating challenge showcase returns to the Treasure Valley, with a brand new host and a brand new food gauntlet to conquer.

The last time we talked about Travel Channel's Man vs. Food, it involved a free guitar and some of the country's best pizza. Now, we've got a whole new host, and a whole new Boise food challenge to conquer.

Man vs. Food's new host Casey Webb was recently in Boise to punish himself with some of the hottest sushi known to man. Amongst other stops in the Treasure Valley, Webb hit up Superb Sushi in Boise to tackle their fiery "Demon's Delight" challenge. That includes insanely hot miso soup, and an infernal sushi roll to boot.

While we don't know when the Boise episode will air (new Man vs. Food episodes begin airing in December,) Webb was able to down the spicy miso soup in record time, as well as conquer the entire food challenge as a whole. For his troubles, Webb was awarded the meal for free, his picture on Superb Sushi's "Wall Of Flame," and of course a free t-shirt.

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