Boise State athletics likes to consider itself one big happy family and that’s never been truer now that the Ricedorff’s are in town.

Kizzy Ricedorff just announced she will join the Boise State volleyball team with one year of eligibility. Kizzy is a graduate transfer from Arizona State where she played outside hitter on the volleyball team. She missed her senior year with the Sun Devils because of an injury.

Most of her career with Arizona State Kizzy was known as Kizzy Willey but in 2015 she married Rathen Ricedorff a quarterback at Mesa Community College. His family loves volleyball and he invited Kizzy to play sand volleyball at a family outing. Their first date was two weeks later and the rest is history.

They were married after Rathen put together a scavenger hunt that ended with a proposal on a Mesa Butte.

Rathen has since committed to play quarterback for Boise State with two years of eligibility, he joins the team this month and now Kizzy is a Bronco as well.

Rathen talks about his first date with Kizzy:

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