We're good when it comes to keeping a New Year's Resolution around here.

Boise ranks in the top 15 in the country for keeping resolutions, so consider those ten pounds gone. Apparently it's just as easy as living here.

WalletHub says Boise ranks #12 in the US for determination, conquering goals, and refusing to give up.  If you run across a quitter, they must not be from around here.

WalletHub looked at cities around the US and considered factors like weight loss, finances, education, and bad habits, and decided that Boise ranks the highest in Idaho, and higher than Spokane, Tacoma, and Portland.  Our best category is "education and employment resolutions."  Seattle beats us overall.  Seattle ranks #4 for keeping New Year's resolutions, and that's the highest in the Northwest.

I've seen you at the gym this week, or at least I've seen your car parked there.  And I've seen you buying lettuce at the grocery store and putting deposits in the ATM.  So I trust that you'll keep your resolution to lose weight, get fit, save money, quit smoking, try harder, do more, be nicer, think positive, and get whiter teeth.  You got this.

If moral support helps, the entire Treasure Valley is on our side it appears. With all of the inspiration available from fellow non-quitters, there's no reason that we can't meet our goals, so set them high!   We'll check back next week to make sure we're still on track.

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