Jeremy Lin is as unlikely an NBA star as you'll find. Maybe that's why he's such an outsider when it comes to blending in.

The man behind Linsanity -- an Asian who attended Harvard (yeah, that's not your typical NBA player) -- stars in this tongue-in-cheek video called "How to Fit in the NBA."

Lin gets plenty of star power to lend him a hand. This video feels like it has more cameos than NBA regular season games, with appearances by MVP Steph Curry, Wesley Johnson, Landry Fields, Jerome Jordan, DeAndre Jordan, Tyson Chandler, Kyle Korver, Dwight Howard and Kemba Walker.

From the proper way to talk to fashion to music, Lin covers all the bases (or, to be more sport-appropriate, all the baselines).

Lin will try to utilize the rules for fitting in the league when he suits up for the Charlotte Hornets this season, his third team in the last four seasons.

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