If you live (or have lived) in Idaho and you talk to someone who has never been to Idaho... chances are, you'll get the classic question: "Are there a ton of potatoes?"

You may even be asked if Idaho "invented" the potato or the French fry. Ridiculous? Absolutely. Does it happen all the time? Of course, it does. But what if we told you that Idaho should be recognized for more than just potatoes and fries? Say like an invention that makes precedes every other major invention in human history.

Drop this one on your friends the next time they bring up the potato

Believe it or not, Idaho is responsible for the invention of... the tool. That's right... the tool. Hear us out, it sounds so vague and generic but there have been recent excavations that prove this is true. If it's not entirely accurate, at least we know Idaho has a huge hand in human civilization advancement.

Bet You Didn't Know Idaho's Greatest Invention From 16,000 Years Ago

Without this creation, who knows where humanity would be?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Wild, right? Idaho's inhabitants from long ago are responsible for thinking of using "tools" to survive and endure the harsh conditions of that time.

The landscape of Idaho is rich in history but not all of it is positive. Like the highest point in Idaho and those who have attempted to scale it.

The Highest Elevation in Idaho And Its Deadly History

Borah Mountain or Borah Peak is the tallest point in Idaho... unfortunately, there have been fatalities as mountain climbers have attempted to scale the mountain.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Idaho and the surrounding region are also home to quite a few mysteries. Many of which have been captured via satellite. Some of these images are haunting while others don't seem to make sense at all... could there have been something that visited Idaho and the surrounding states long ago? If there was something happening in the area long ago, did it impact the advancement of the people back then? Was there an ancient alien influence?

Let's look at some of the strangest satellite images that have ever been captured in Idaho and surrounding states...

9 Mysterious Satellite Photos in Idaho And Surrounding States

Here are some of the weirdest things we found on Google Earth in Idaho and in our neighboring states.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas