If you aren't from the south or haven't spent much time in southern states, you may not know about Buc-ee's. Imagine combining Walmart with Albertsons and Stinker, adding bright lights, very clean bathrooms, and EV chargers. If you have that picture in your mind, you still haven't come close to the greatness of Buc-ee's.

Kids, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, travelers, doctors, CEOs, electricians, plumbers, professors, and politicians all love Buc-ees. The convenience store has a cult-like following because you can do all your shopping there, from groceries to clothes, gas to electronics. They are all over Texas, and beginning with Alabama in 2019, they have expanded to other southern states like Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, Springfield, Missouri, and now, Johnstown, Colorado.

Johnstown, Colorado? How does that make sense? Johnstown is a small town north of Denver but south of Fort Collins on I-25. There are similarities to the locations that Buc-ee's has chosen since deciding to give up their southern exclusivity. They are all along major highways with large sites, in cities that are friendly to economic development, and a lack of bus and RV parking, and EV chargers.

YouTube/Denver's 7
YouTube/Denver's 7

While there may already be a plan for the development of the Boise Outlet Mall in place, if Buc-ee's could be lured to Idaho, that location is absolutely perfect. It is just outside of the city, on a major highway, and in the direction of major cities like Portland and Seattle, so there will always be traffic. If not there, could we see a Buc-ee's on the other side of town between Boise and Mountain Home? Maybe, but the traffic in that direction just isn't as consistent.

While Buc-ee's may not be considering the location of the Boise Outlet Mall, we'd love to see a Buc-ee's in Idaho, and if their expansion plan continues to move north and west, Boise makes a lot of sense.

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Buc-ee's in Colorado

Texas-born Buc-ee's has arrived in Johnstown, Colorado. Over 100 fuel pumps outside, and 74,000 square feet of "Buc-ee's" inside.

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