We want Boise to be known for the good things: the beauty, the growing tech industry, and the vibrant economy. However, according to a new release from the infidelity website Ashley Madison, it's also the home to a massive number of cheaters. Boise is now #19 for infidelity, putting us on a list that includes cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but not in a good way.

How this could happen isn't just the question that an unsuspecting spouse asks when they hear the bad news; it's also the question we're asking about Boise itself. Why is this once wholesome community suddenly a hotbed for infidelity? Well, there are several factors including the rising population. Does this mean that people from California brought this along with their In-N-Out Double Double Hamburgers? Probably not. The primary reason for an increase in infidelity is the popularity of social media. Facebook, Instagram, and others have connected people who have shared interests or have reconnected with people who wouldn't have otherwise reconnected, and they can do it discreetly. Boise is a tech-savvy town, and with just a few swipes and clicks, cheating without getting caught is pretty simple.

The rise in population has changed social standards from what they once were. The larger population means that not everyone knows everyone like they used to, creating "urban anonymity," making it easier to engage in destructive behavior without fearing immediate social repercussions.

While some states have decriminalized marijuana, Idaho decriminalized infidelity in July of 2022. While you may end up divorced, you won't go to jail, and for many, jail is the worst sentence.

The thriving economy also contributes to cheating. Many companies require long work hours, attendance at networking events, and out-of-town travel. This can lead to closer relationships with coworkers or colleagues that can turn romantic.

Stress related to work, housing, and other pressures of life can also affect relationships, causing people to look outside of their primary relationship for validation or comfort. Combined with the ease of connecting through technology, this creates the perfect storm for infidelity.

Like any growing city, Boise residents may experience stress related to work, housing, and other life pressures. Stress and relationship strain can sometimes lead individuals to seek comfort and validation outside their primary relationships. The pressures of urban living and the ease of connecting through technology create a perfect storm for infidelity.

Cheating in Boise has become incredibly easy, and while we may not like the result, we love the things that helped get us to this point: the larger population, the booming economy, the freedom we get in Idaho, the technology that makes life easier, and the connections that we've made. We've made the proverbial bed, and now we must lie in it.

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