Boise's air travel landscape is experiencing a price war between two major carriers, Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines, competing for passengers out of Boise Airport.

Alaska Airlines has been promoting low-cost options, including a promotional round-trip fare starting at $69. Along with their cheap tickets from Boise, Alaska Airlines has a flight price tracker and predictor, AirHint, to support passengers in finding the best deals by predicting the best moments to buy tickets and revealing when to anticipate potential price drops.

Not to be outdone, Southwest Airlines, recognized for its no-frills approach to air travel, has also been competitively positioning its fares to attract Boise travelers. They have fares starting at $69.

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The low prices aren't limited to just Alaska and Southwest, either. United Airlines is also getting in on the low-fare action. However, their prices aren't nearly as low as Southwest and Alaska. If you are traveling to the midwest, Minneapolis in particular, beginning in mid-June, Sun Country Airlines enters the Boise market with $79 fares to MSP.

Courtesy: Sun Country Airlines
Courtesy: Sun Country Airlines

Low-priced flights are a boon for budget tourists and business travelers alike. The competition benefits the wallets of flyers but also the reputation of Boise Airport as a hub.

Remember that just because the fare is low, some airlines load up fees for bags and other services that many airlines include in their standard ticket price. If you love to travel or have family that lives outside of the Treasure Valley that you like to visit or want to visit, this is a great time to buy your tickets.

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