There was a time when a store being open on a Sunday was rare. You could drive around California on a Sunday, but there wasn't much shopping. There wasn't much of anything going on. As the cities grew, more stores opened seven days a week. But for one Sunday this month, things will return to how they were in the "good old days," and many retailers will be closed.

Of course, we're referring to Sunday, March 31st, Easter Sunday.

While many will be getting together with family and friends, attending church services, taking their toddlers to Easter Egg Hunts, and opening up baskets left by the Easter Bunny, the stores where we often spend our weekends shopping will be closed. They do this to allow their employees to participate in the traditions that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In 2024, with a 24/7 economy and the demand for convenience, many retailers remain open on Sundays and Easter Sundays. The pressures of modern life and expectations for constant access to retail have forced many companies to stay open even on religious holidays such as Easter, fear of losing customers to online retailers or even a competing brand that has decided to remain open. The change is a reflection of American society today. One that keeps its religion separate from the workplace, if at all. 29% of Californians don't identify with any religion, which is a record high for the state. According to Pew Research, the entire country is headed in this direction, with nearly 23% of Americans having no religious affiliation.

7-Eleven, Albertsons, CVS, Dollar General, Foods Co., Ralphs, Rite-
Aid, Safeway, Stop & Shop, Vons, Walgreens, Walmart, Whole Foods, and WinCo will stay open this year, although some may close early; however, pharmacies will be closed. Other retailers have decided to buck the trend and close for 24 hours on Easter.

8 California Stores That Will Be Closed On Easter

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