We buy so many things. The average monthly grocery bill for a family of four living in Boise is $1,512. That's a lot of cheese! You can spend that $1,512 most of the time and never have to show your Idaho Drivers License. What items do you need to show an ID for, and why do you need it? It depends on the item. You must show an ID to purchase some items in Idaho to protect individual rights, safeguard public safety, comply with the law, and prevent fraud.

Most often, the reason for showing an ID is for age verification. Other reasons include fraud prevention or ensuring the person buying the item has a specific legal status. Sometimes, it's to verify residency. Beginning May 7, 2025, you must show the Idaho Star Card to board any airline flight.

Many people think you need an ID to purchase over-the-counter medicine, cleaning supplies, movie tickets for PG-13 movies, pet supplies, gift cards, and makeup, but those items typically do not require ID.

So what does require a valid, state-issued ID to purchase? Some items are surprising. Others you won't be shocked by, but the list is extensive. It can be as simple as the prescription you just received from your doctor or a fishing license. It can be as complicated as getting your Idaho Star Card or purchasing a home. The list is long, and if some lawmakers have their way, it will be even longer soon. Here is the most up-to-date list of items that require an ID to be purchased in Idaho.

29 Surprising Things That Actually Require A Valid ID In Idaho

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