Officials warn Idahoans and local Treasure Valley residents about the icy winter driving conditions this morning, Tuesday, January 9th, specifically mentioning that some roads and intersections might have 1-2 inches of solid ice, which can send drivers sliding through intersections even when braking.

US National Weather Service Boise Idaho issued an alert on Facebook for the Treasure Valley, forecasting a band of snow bringing a quick 1-2 inches of accumulation early this morning, making the roads and intersection slick and snow-covered, particularly during the morning commute. Heavy snowfall is forecasted for throughout today and the week,

The Meridian Police Department also made a post on Facebook saying, "It feels like winter has finally arrived and with the consistent snow the Treasure Valley will receive over the next week, we want to remind you to drive safely!"

They also shared some helpful tips to reduce crashes and increase safety. Those tips include slowing down, clearing your windshield, keeping a safe distance, being prepared, and staying alert.

Now, for specifically icy intersections, please:

Reduce Speed: Slow down well in advance
Increase Following Distance: Allow for extended braking distances
Avoid Abrupt Movements: Make gentle turns and gradual stops
Use Brake Caution: Apply brakes gently to avoid losing control on icy patches
Stay Informed: Monitor weather updates for real-time road condition changes

There have already been many reported accidents during this morning's commute. Please drive safely, and be courteous to and patient with others on the road as we all navigate winter driving conditions in the Treasure Valley together.

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