Idaho has been buzzing with more people moving in, but have you ever wondered where folks from Idaho are heading to? Idahoans moving to other states has become increasingly popular over the past year.

Recent info from Stacker shares the 3 most popular destinations for people moving out of each state. Since 2019, the Census Bureau found that upwards for 7+ million people have decided to switch states, and Florida has been the largest recipient of new neighbors, followed by Texas and California.

As for the big reasons why people are moving states so much, it would appear that finding affordable housing and warm climates seem to be the top priorities, however, there's been some surprises in the data that shows it could also be heavily driven by politics.

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So, what about Idahoans? Where are they off to? Florida? Texas? Maybe even California? It turns out, the top 3 states Idahoans are moving to the most (since 2019) might surprise you.

On the list, Utah might be the most shocking, as there's actually been an uptick in recent data showing that more people from Utah are moving to Idaho. However, Utah does offer diverse landscapes and lifestyles that might pique people's interest, as well as a unique blend of outdoor recreation and city entertainment, with massive national parks and large city areas like Salt Lake City.

Here are the 3 states Idahoans are moving to the most.

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