In recent years, there has been a notable surge in nationwide migration, with Idaho experiencing a massive increase in population. However, there are also a lot of people leaving the state of Idaho, too, in record numbers. Where are they moving to?

Since 2019, Idahoans have been moving to many of the same states, and we think some of those states are going to shock you (listed below).

There's a recent study from Stacker that shares more about the shifting demographics, revealing that California (of all places) is among the top destinations that Idahoans are moving to the most. The report looks into current and previous trends, showcasing California as the 4th most favored state for those leaving Idaho.

Studies have shown that about 8% of Idahoans are moving to California, and 11% of Californians are moving to Idaho (even though we're sure it feels like more than that). These numbers and percentages have been reported since 2019 and 2020, and we can only imagine the numbers have increased since then.

Regardless, we're shocked that California managed to make it into the TOP 5 states that people from Idaho are moving to the most. This article from Stacker includes a list of 40 states (in order) where people from Idaho move to the most, and California was #4.

Whether motivated by career opportunities or lifestyle preferences — or even political preferences — this is an unexpected trend that catches most Idahoans off-guard. It has become common for Idahoans to harbor negative feelings about California, raising the question: If Idahoans don't like California, why does it remain one of the top states Idahoans are moving to the most?

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