In a recent press release and Facebook post, the Nampa Police Department issued an update on the case of 30-year-old Christian Derek Arellano, a fraud suspect with a history of targeting vulnerable community members.

Arellano, described as 6’ and 250 pounds with black hair and brown eyes, is known for financially victimizing senior citizens and individuals with limited English proficiency. He has multiple tattoos that might help in finding and identifying him (pictured below).

The Nampa Police Department had previously reported Arellano's arrest by the Meridian Police Department in March 2023 on warrants over $500,000.

Nampa Police Department
Nampa Police Department

However, he recently faced court proceedings in both Canyon County and Ada County, pleading guilty to several cases. The release reports that Arellano failed to appear for sentencing in both jurisdictions, and his whereabouts have become unknown.

Currently, Arellano is the subject of 3 Nampa warrants and 1 Ada County warrant, all related to his recent failures to appear in court. Authorities suspect that he may have returned to California, however, the warrants are extraditable nationwide.

Nampa Police Department
Nampa Police Department

The Nampa Police Department provided specific guidance on how YOU can help:

  • Report any information regarding Arellano's whereabouts to prevent further fraud.
  • Be cautious if approached for employment, especially in plumbing jobs, as he has exploited this avenue in the past.
  • Report any encounters or suspicions to local law enforcement or Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS or, where anonymity is ensured, and potential rewards are offered.

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