In the ever-evolving landscape of economic stability throughout the United States, Idahoans have continued to demonstrate their financial resilience. According to the latest analysis by financial experts at SmartAsset, Idaho has made notable progress since 2020, securing the 44th position in the list of States Where Residents Are Financially Hurting the Most.

As of 2022,  Idaho holds the 7th position for having the most financially secure residents, and Utah is in the 2nd position.

SmartAsset's evaluation spans across several key metrics, including poverty rate, unemployment rates, unemployment benefit replacement rate, housing security, and food sufficiency. The 2022 report unveils some insights into Idaho's current financial well-being.

For example, Idaho's unemployment rate stands at 2.4%, a testament to our job market. While this is slightly higher than previous years, it is important to note that it remains well below the national average, reflecting the state's stability in employment opportunities.

Despite setbacks, Idahoans continue to fare better than many other states across the country. As we navigate the challenges of 2023, it is evident that the Gem State remains a place where financial stability is still within reach for its residents.

For many, it won't seem like that, especially with how bad the economy has become under this democratic presidency. But when considering other places through the United States, Idaho is still one of the best, ranking 7th in the top 10 for financial security.

Below is a list of the top 20 highest-earning cities in Idaho, as of 2022.

20 Highest Earning Cities in Idaho

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