This peculiar incident actually took place driving from Hailey to Sun Valley, but it was featured on a popular community Facebook page, "Boise - Bad Drivers Spotted," sparking a debate about responsibility and safety — what are drivers supposed to do in this situation?

The incident unfolded when a group of elk was spotted hanging out by the roadside, refusing to cross the highway. What caused the sudden and unexpected traffic jam was drivers stopping on the opposite side of the road, allowing time and space for the elk to cross.

The post reads...

Dang B. | Boise - Bad Driver Spotted on Facebook
Dang B. | Boise - Bad Driver Spotted on Facebook

"Is this bad driver?? Heard of elk on side of highway, not crossing, just chillin… the driver leading the pack slams on breaks and comes to complete stop, stays stopped for about 5 mins, while the elk just stare at them and never actually crossed road. Speed limit 55mph… is this considered impeding flow of traffic?"

If animals are on the side of the road:

The priority should always be the safety of you, the people in your vehicle, and everyone else around you, including the animals. If the animals are not on the road, it's recommended to proceed cautiously, and some would recommend honking to alert the animals. Wild animals react on survival instincts, and if you honk, they are likely to run away from the sound.

If animals are on the road already:

However, if the animals are on the road, it's recommended to slow down and come to a complete stop, without slamming on your breaks and without honking. It is better to be safe than sorry, and you do not want to hit these animals and cause a serious accident. It is the driver's responsibility (behind you) to allow for proper space to also slow down and stop.

Local authorities urge drivers to avoid fast and sudden stops in these situations.

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