Although we wish it would happen more often, it's not every day that a music superstar like Luke Combs performs in the Treasure Valley. The last time we had a big-name act bigger than Mr. Combs in our area was in 2019 when Garth Brooks performed at Albertsons Stadium.

YouTube / Rob C
YouTube / Rob C

Despite the heat and expected traffic, Idahoans paid their good money to be entertained and dance the night away. Mr. Combs now moves on from Idaho, but if you're like most of us and missed the show, are you curious about what everyone thought of his performance? Was he worth the money?  These fans drove to Boise from California to see their favorite singer.

Pictures | Luke Combs at Albertson's Stadium in Boise 2023

Pictures from the Luke Combs concert (featuring Lainey Wilson and Riley Green) at the Albertson's Stadium in Boise, Idaho 2023.

A quick look at his career.

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Now let's get to your reviews of Luke Combs in Boise.  






Mariah: "He was at top golf last night (Where I work) and I missed him."

Pamela: "He put on an amazing show tonight."

Luke sings again.

Kristin: "I love him him. His music is real and raw.

Jay: "My good friend took him and his song writer out turkey hunting before his show tonight."

Luke in Boise?
YOUTUBE / Luke Combs Video

Tristin: "He was at my work Topgolf last night."

Matt: "He talks a big game about the blue collar folks. Go to a show at Albertsons arena and you’ll see he doesn’t give a crap about us! Worst experience ever. Even if it was the venue you are the one everyone is paying at least $150 a ticket to see. Make sure we are taken care of. Incredible disappointed!"

LacieHaley as far as getting in unless it was out or floor access things were not marked so a lot of people didn’t know where to go in and a lot of barcodes.

Lacie: "Amazing show and the venue issues were clearly not Luke Combs doing,definitely not super organized but we didn’t let that ruin our fun!One of the few artists that sticks around after signing things for people."
Cowboy Matt: "Venue is not conducive. Performers we're excellent. However, 1st act went at 5:40, it was nearly 11 by the we exited. Openers play 20 or less. WAY WAY too long to be in a festival atmosphere without the ability to move around or exit/renter the venue.
Concourses were so packed even if you got up out of your seat there was nowhere to to so basically you were stuck in one place for over 5 hours. I you had friends outside tailgating you couldn't join them once you entered the venue, if you met them ahead of time then you would miss the opening performers. 1st and last for us." 

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