If there's one thing Idaho loves to discuss (whether for good reasons or bad), it's the celebrities that are associated with Idaho.

But... what IS a celebrity?

It's not all Hollywood and California! Celebrities come from all places, and backgrounds, and can be known for anything... even politicians and criminals.

For example, the most famous celebrity associated with Salt Lake City in Utah is none other than Ted Bundy - yes, THE Ted Bundy.

But how did they determine Ted Bundy was SLC's most famous celeb?

We found a map on a site known as "The Pudding" that has a map of the entire US showing which celebrity is most commonly associated with. How did they get this information?

They were able to determine which celebrity was the most popular in town based on Wikipedia searches.

And let us tell you something - Wikipedia is where it's at, don't let your college professors tell you otherwise. How many times have you found yourself going down a rabbit hole on Wikipedia?

Is all of the information accurate? Probably not.

Is it easy to access and full of information that we don't bother verifying? Absolutely.

Who is the most Wikipedia-searched celebrity in your Idaho town?

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Want to search the map and check out other towns around the country? You can see the map here.

Speaking of Aaron Paul and Emmett, Idaho... did you know before he was cooking meth as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad that he was bidding on appliances with Bob Barker?

That's right - Idaho's own Aaron Paul was once a contestant on the Price Is Right... and his performance is everything.

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