Dumpster diving is frowned upon by some while others look at it as a way to make money.

And why not? It's essentially just the two reality shows Storage Wars and Fear Factor rolled into one "trashy" adventure.

Anything can happen in a dumpster

Think of all of the places that have a dumpster and how they might be used. It sounds cliche, but one person's trash is truly someone else's treasure.

One search of "crazy dumpster dive find" on YouTube will result in tons of videos showing people finding all kinds of valuables in the dumpster: rugs, barely used kids toys, and even an entire set of vintage records ready to be sold.

Curbside Junkies via YouTube
Curbside Junkies via YouTube

Now, some will say that these videos are staged and they very well could be. But, that doesn't mean you can't find some hidden gems in the dumpsters of Idaho.

But is it legal to go dumpster diving in Idaho?

No... and yes.

We looked everywhere and could not find any laws that prohibit dumpster diving specifically. You can technically walk up to a dumpster and search its contents to see if you can find your own set of vintage records.

Now, with that said, some of these dumpsters might be on private property and you could get busted for trespassing which is a misdemeanor according to Idaho law.

If you plan on going to search a dumpster, it's probably a safe and respectful idea to ask the business for permission to search their dumpster before hopping in.

Happy hunting!

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