You love your children, right? It'd be crazy to think otherwise unless, of course, your child has committed some sort of unforgivable act of malice toward you.

Then we could understand why you might not love your kids. In this particular scenario, we're talking about smaller children. The children that get excited about the little things in life - like a tire swing.

Don't worry, we don't like helmets either

One might be quick to assume that if this is about taking down a tire swing, it's about safety or the hazards of a tire swing.

Don't get us wrong, we're all about safety but we're not taking it that far. We too, like to drink from water hoses and not have to worry about wearing helmets.

What this is really about is the danger that tire swings can attract.

The ultimate hiding spot

As it turns out, the tire swing in your yard is the ultimate hiding spot for a hunter that can cause some serious harm to your children - snakes.

Because warmer weather is here, snakes are out and about looking for a meal.

We searched across the web in a hunt for the ultimate hiding spot for snakes and surprisingly, tire swings kept coming up. One source, for example, highlights that snakes are "ambush predators" and tire swings are the perfect hiding spot for them.

And it's not just for snakes to hide and feast, it also offers them a source of protection.

Can you imagine being a kid, hopping into a tire swing, only to have a pair of fangs shank you in your lower abdomen, your private parts, or even your legs?

New fear unlocked.

So, do what you may - leave the tire swing up if you wish. But, if you love your children, perhaps you'll take it down for now.

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