Memorial Day is coming up on May 27 and for Americans across the country, it's a day for reflecting about the ultimate sacrifices our servicemen and servicewomen have made for our freedoms.

For many Americans, it's also one of the busiest weekends for traveling.

Time to get out of town!

According to AAA, an estimated 43.8 million Americans are expected to travel for Memorial Day weekend. That number also includes the "nearly 262,000 Idahoans" who are expected to head out of town for the weekend - that's more than the entire population of Boise!

A lot of vacationers are choosing to fly as their means of traveling but AAA says that the most popular method of travel this year (and years past) is driving.

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Now, that should give a few clues as to where some Idahoans will be traveling to but there are still plenty who are choosing to fly... that is unless someone found a way to drive to Hawaii which is home to one of the top vacation destinations.

Does Idaho's number-one Memorial Day travel destination mean Idahoans are hypocritical?

Maybe, but not necessarily. It's no secret that Idaho continues to grow in popularity for people looking to escape "their state" and that it upsets locals.

That's why when we saw the location of Idaho's favorite Memorial Day weekend destination for 2024... we had to stop and wonder if anyone realizes the irony of the number one spot.

Where Are People In Idaho Going For Memorial Day?

AAA revealed the top ten vacation destinations for Idahoans on Memorial Day weekend. Are you surprised at all by number one?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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