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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and for many people, it's a time to celebrate love and intimacy.

Unfortunately, some individuals might get a little extra desperate on the day of love... and women aren't protected enough.

This is America in 2024

If you've been out of the loop, one of the most popular artists on the planet, rapper Drake is in the headlines for a leaked photo of his hangy dangy.

Unfortunately, the topic has terrorized the internet and social media, leading many people to open their inboxes only to find that a friend has sent them a photo of Drake's genetic faucet.

We've seen scores of women on social media complain about "accidentally" seeing the infamous rapper's giggle stick and unfortunately, this has become one of the erm... biggest topics in America.

Now granted, it wasn't Drake who sent all of these women a photo of his wiggle worm and we all know that this type of behavior is frowned upon.

But, what if women in Idaho are the victim of receiving an unsolicited photo of the tickle torpedo?

Idaho has laws to protect women and citizens in general... but it's not enough

Unfortunately, there are no specific laws that can keep someone from sending women a photo of his Rip Van Winkey, but there are some laws that protect people digitally from inappropriate content.

Do these laws do enough to deter people from sending photos of their trouser tridents? We would normally ask you to email us your thoughts at this point in the article but for the sake of not wanting to receive any photos of The Devil's Microphone, we'll pass on this one.

Check out the laws that do protect us below...

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