The memories of the COVID-19 pandemic are still fresh in a lot of people's minds. We think it's safe to assume that none of us want to revisit that horrific time in our world's history.

That being said, the Center for Disease Control is now warning residents in Idaho of two potentially dangerous outbreaks with one being a bit more serious than the other.

Are you experiencing flu-like symptoms?

Don't worry - the silver lining is that we're not talking about COVID. Rather, the CDC says that Idaho is on the verge of a flu outbreak according to their weekly influenza map of the US.

The good news is that the current risk level is low but as you can see, our neighboring state Wyoming is at a high level. It's not impossible to think that it could quickly spread to Idaho.

However, the CDC is also warning us to remain vigilant and to look out for another outbreak.

Protect your kids and watch out for this outbreak!

In late January, the CDC stated that between December 1, 2023, and January 23, 2024, they were "notified of 23 confirmed U.S. cases of measles, including seven direct importations of measles by international travelers and two outbreaks with more than five cases each."

The CDC goes on to say that most of the cases were among "children and adolescents who had not received a measles-containing vaccine (MMR or MMRV)."

According to the CDC: providers should be on alert for patients who have: (1) febrile rash illness and symptoms consistent with measles (e.g., cough, coryza, or conjunctivitis), and (2) have recently traveled abroad, especially to countries with ongoing measles outbreaks. Infected people are contagious from 4 days before the rash starts through 4 days afterwards.

The CDC reports from January 1 to December 31, 2023, a total of 58 measles cases were reported in states that include Idaho.

To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself and your family, check out what the CDC has to say about this potentially dangerous outbreak here.

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