The summer in the Treasure Valley simply wouldn't be the same without it: floating the Boise River. If you've been around town for a while, you will know that each year, the countdown for this date is REAL--however, there's really no telling when it will open up for "legal" and safe floating. Today, we've received word for the Summer of 2021.

There is no better way to cool off during a hot, Boise summer day than by floating the river in my humble opinion. Even better--unless you have to rent a tube or raft, there's NO cost associated. Just cold water, great views, and a great time.

Over the past couple of days, we have been hearing a lot of warning from City of Boise officials and the Boise Fire Department about floating the river as a few folks had just decided to float anyway. The warnings came as the Boise Fire Department was spending serious time on the river themselves cleaning the flow up and making sure it's safe as water levels reached an ideal point. Of course, as this process went on, we knew that an announcement had to be on the way.

Surprise--here it is.

For Summer of 2021, the Boise River will officially be open for floating on Tuesday, June 15th! 

Along with this opening date comes Barber Park parking fees (if you drive out to the drop-in), equipment rentals, shuttle service and the return of the snack shack!

Summer. Is. Here.

Grab your official Boise River Floater Guide with all of the details, HERE.

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