Tattoo's are such an interesting thing to me. Maybe I have commitment issues but I've never wanted a tattoo because I've never been comfortable with having something on my body that is permanent. Maybe I just haven't found the right one? or maybe subconsciously I've subscribed to the motto that says " I haven't found a car or a tattoo that I want to keep for the rest of my life". Come to think of it, I've owned about 45 cars in my lifetime... I digress and before I get too deep into my mental issues let me share this story.

Over the weekend a friend of mine came over and was so excited to show me his new tattoo. As I described above I'm not the biggest fan but I was curious so I agreed to give him my opinion. What happened next kind of shocked me... my friend pulled his pants down to reveal the fresh ink... I was puzzled as I stared at a very cool looking hot dog complete with legs and arms on his butt. I didn't know what to say other than... "Why would you do such a thing"... He said "it's a thing... people are getting tattoo's of their favorite food on their butts". I couldn't believe it so we placed a bet and called a random  tattoo shop which confirmed that they had done everything from tacos to pizza on patrons backsides recently. Is this a new Tattoo trend in Idaho?

According to a study by Zippia these are the most popular tattoo's by state:

Alabama Joker Tattoo

Alaska Watercolor Tattoo

Arizona Shia Lebouf Tattoo

Arkansas Arkansas Tattoo

California Portrait Tattoos

Colorado Aztec Tattoo

Connecticut Turnpike Tattoo

Delaware Dragon Tattoo

Florida Yin and yang tattoo

Georgia Dolphin Tattoos

Hawaii Japanese Tattoo I

Illinois Barbed Wire tattoo

Indiana Sheep tattoo

Iowa Pink Elephant Tattoo

Kansas Crow Tattoo

Kentucky Disney Tattoos

Louisiana Saints tattoo

Maine Covid tattoo

Maryland Baltimore tattoo

Massachusetts Taurus tattoo

Michigan Biden tattoo

Minnesota Cat tattoos

Mississippi Trump tattoo

Missouri Monster tattoo

Montana Gun tattoo

Nebraska Finger tattoos

Nevada Gemini tattoo

New Hampshire Spider tattoo

New Jersey New Jersey tattoo

New Mexico Fake tattoo

New York Kids Names tattoo

North Carolina Wedding Band tattoos

North Dakota North Dakota tattoo

Ohio Whale tattoo

Oklahoma No regrets tattoo

Oregon Anime tattoo

Pennsylvania Bernie tattoo

Rhode Island Lion tattoo

South Carolina Clemson tattoo

South Dakota Cat tattoo

Tennessee Home tattoos

Texas Juggalo tattoo

Utah Tattoo eyeliner

Vermont Fortune Teller tattoo

Virginia Chain tattoo

Washington Fly tattoo

West Virginia Couple tattoos

Wisconsin Fox tattoo

Wyoming Coronavirus tattoo

Last but not least the most popular tattoo in our home state is a "Boise" Tattoo

12 Pets You CANNOT Own in the City of Boise

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