I'm a car guy and naturally I love driving. A lot of the time I like spirited driving however sometimes that spirited driving is hindered by slow moving vehicles and that can be very frustrating for me. My first reaction when I'm cruising down the road and I come up on a slow moving vehicle is to flash my brights so that they get out of the way.

If that driver is conscious enough to drive the at the posted speed limit you would think that they're doing so in the name of safety. If safety is their concern then the "safe" thing to do is move out of the way of faster moving traffic. Allow me to clarify, I don't expect someone to pull over onto the dirt shoulder on a two lane road to allow me to speed by them. I do however expect someone who is in the fast lane on the 84 going from Boise to Meridian to merge safely and allow faster vehicles to pass.

Is this too much to ask? Why do I have to flash my lights and get the stink eye as I pass the slower driver? Am I doing something illegal? Is it considered rude to flash my headlights to let drivers know that I'm approaching quickly? The only reference to head light usage I could find online is as follows:

1. It's illegal to use your high beams when following a car closer than 200 feet.

2. It's illegal to use your high beams when oncoming traffic is within 500 feet.

Are you offended when someone flashes their brights at you? Have you ever received a ticket for flashing your brights?



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