Somedays I get in my car and as much as I enjoy driving, I feel like I put myself in automation mode and drive all the way to work with minimal awareness of my driving habits. Other times I get in the car, hit the road, turn the radio up and push it to the limit. Whether you find yourself driving 10-15 miles over the speed limit because you're in automation mode, distracted mode or sports mode, Idaho State Police has noticed and they've handed out 5800 speeding tickets since last June, that's 200 tickets more than a year ago. If you do this and are guilty of any of the above, do not drive on Idaho highways this weekend.

"Our goal is to keep families whole and keep people safe on our roadways. Speeding is aggressive and puts the speeding driver as well as everyone around them at risk. It's one of the most dangerous things a driver can do," said Idaho State Police Lt. Jens Pattis in a ktvb interview..

I get it sometimes we're distracted and sometimes we're plain and simply in a hurry but the weekend of June 25th through the 27th ISP is running "the speed education and enforcement campaign" and that means they will be looking for speeders specifically.

Pattis added to his statement... "Behind the wheel, we all need to be safe and courteous. And we're strengthening that message by unifying efforts with partner agencies throughout the West to let folks know that wherever they travel, their safety and the safety of others is absolutely our priority, even if it means writing them a citation when they fail to watch their speed."



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