The Snake River Stamped is a historic staple for Idaho and has been around in one form or another for more than 100 years. Every year since 1996 when The Stampedes location permanently changed, Nampa's Ford Idaho Center welcomes thousands of Idahoans and visitors to one of the best rodeos in the nation.


This massive multi day event is a huge undertaking for the dedicated crew, board members and volunteers that work to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. Now a new spectacular Executive Director is leading the way. Lynn Calvin is a Caldwell native with deep roots and ties to the Snake River Stampede.

Lynn Calvin Snake River Stampede Director, Full headshot
Lynn Calvin Snake River Stampede Director, Full headshot

According to the official press release, "As an independent contractor, she played an instrumental role in the rodeo’s advertising and sponsorship contracts for 13 years. She has also served as committee chairman for “Stampede for the Cure” since 2008. With the help of Calvin’s leadership, the breast cancer charity has raised nearly $800,000 to fund mammograms for Southwest Idaho women in need."

I have had the privilege to work personally with Lynn during her previous role as Director of Indian Creek Plaza. Our cluster of radio stations often helps host live concerts and various events at Indian Creek Plaza. Lynn has always been organized and wonderful to work with. Many, myself included are looking forward to what Lynn brings to the table for the future of the Snake River Stampede.

Lynn Calvin shared her excitement by saying, “I’m excited about this next chapter with the Snake River Stampede Rodeo. 2021 showed us that we can continue to create and innovate – which we did by adding more fan opportunities with the outdoor amphitheater events. This is a 106-year-old institution and I plan to support our board in making sure The Stampede remains one of the top rodeos in the world."

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