Hey Idaho--who's your sugar daddy now!? Governor Brad Little is about to be mailing out some checks and dropping some direct deposits to a whole lot of Idahoans after a sweeping tax bill.

It's been a tough year on everyone--after a pandemic, even those that typically wouldn't be seeking financial help found themselves looking for any extra way to make ends meet. With business limited and many industries like food and beverage along with nightlife completely shut down at times, the financial impact on the pockets of Idahoans has been real.

While the tax refund isn't a ton--it will certainly help you pay for a dinner out or cover some utilities.

These refunds were all a part of Governor Little's tax relief plan, "Building Idaho's Future". Checks and direct deposits will begin going out in August--just a matter of days--so be on the lookout!

Curious to know what kind of cash could be on the way to you? Here is the scoop:

  • $50 per taxpayer and EACH dependent will be given back OR...
  • 9% of the tax amount that you reported on Form 40, line 20 OR line 42

You won't receive both of these however you WILL receive whichever is greater.

If you're interested in learning more about the money that is most likely on its way to you, click HERE.

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