We all have those things in relationships we wish we were better at... For Idahoans, we wish we were better at kissing! If this is you, you're not the only one...

I remember being TERRIFIED of kissing when I was in high school. You hear people say one person was a "good kisser" or one person was a "bad kisser" and I remember thinking, "what does any of this mean?!" I didn't want to be bad at it. As it turns out, I'm the not the only person in Idaho that's wanted to be better at kissing.

Centurylinkquote.com shared a report that showed each state's most Googled relationship related question. Idaho, along with other states most frequently asks Google "how to kiss". In fact, this was the second most popular question in the United States, only behind "best dating apps". In most states, they're more concerned with finding someone to kiss and then they'll deal with "how". So at least there's that.

So, what comes up when you search "how to kiss"? Well, I'll save you the hassle. The first thing that comes up is this incredibly cringe-worthy, but equally helpful animated video. This video is short, but so detailed that it'll keep an amateur kisser from passing out! Not sure what to do with your tongue? That's handled in the video, as is consent, chapstick and making sure your breath is fresh so you don't repulse the person you're kissing. Aren't you glad you know this now? Does this change your approach on kissing? Don't feel bad, either... This video has nearly 3 million views!

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