Every year the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon is mostly run on the Boise Greenbelt. This year the Boise Greenbelt is mostly closed because of river flooding and dangerous conditions.

That has marathon organizers re-calibrating a 26 mile course that would safely navigate more than 3,000 runners through the city of trees,

The 39th annual event is scheduled for May 20th and as high as the river is running now, it could be running even higher by then with increased snow melt. Throw in the fact the Famous Idaho Marathon also has divisions for a half marathon, a 10K and a 5K run and now you are talking about four different courses.

The Potato marathon is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon and any course changes have to be re-certified to maintain that status. Yes sir, mother nature presented a challenging winter and now the results as causing spring havoc.

There have been course adjustments in the past but never in the 39 years has an entire greenbelt been shut down. Of course there isn't flooding everywhere but bank erosion is a major concern as is the fact some people just don't realize how fast the river is flowing and how helpless they or pets would be if they accidentally fell in.

Because of the new course and conditions the number of runners may be reduced this year. Registration is open until May 14th and instead of 32 hundred runners the numbers this year will be closer to 2,000.


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