Idaho is in the national spotlight this week as People Magazine dedicated this week's cover called "Search for a Serial Killer.' 'An elusive monster first targeted the Snake River Valley area in 1979.' The story is a true-crime thriller covering the disappearances of five people along the Snake River Valley between Idaho and Washington.


The story begins with the disappearance of a young 12-year-old, Christina White, who lived in Asotin, Washington. She was visiting a friend's house and never returned home. White was not the only person who had disappeared from the area. Kristin David, a 22-year-old college student, stepsisters Jacqueline Miller, 18, and Kristina Nelson, 21, and 35-year-old Steven Pearsall vanished. Eventually, the bodies of the three women who were murdered were found.

Christina White and Steven Pearsall's bodies have never been recovered. Their deaths and disappearances have remained a regional mystery to this day. However, their cases are getting a fresh look in a new light thanks to social media.

Before we update you on this crucial case, let's update you on Idaho's currently missing children.

The Latest on the Missing Children of Idaho

These children are missing and could be in the Idaho area. Have you seen any of these children?

Thanks to the work of local law enforcement and a relative of one of the victims who've developed the Lewis-Clark Valley Serial Killer Facebook Page.  The page is home to the latest updates on the investigation.  Folks are encouraged to give tips to help investigators solve these five cases.

Let's share with you their latest post:

'This July 4th will be 41 years since the dismembered body of Kristen David was found in black bags in the Snake River. Kristen was last seen alive on June 26, 1981, she was riding her bicycle from Moscow, Idaho on Highway 95 south to Lewiston, Idaho. In June 2021 the FBI held a press conference in Lewiston, Idaho with several branches of local law enforcement in attendance to give an update on Kristen David’s case and that there was focus on an unknown man driving a brown van that had been reported being stopped near Genesee, Idaho on Highway 95.

The FBI and other local law enforcement agencies are seeking information about the man driving the brown van and his possible involvement in Kristen David’s murder. Attached to this post is the composite drawing of the man that was seen in the brown van and the link to the FBI with more case information, their tip line number 1-800-CALL-FBI. Asotin County Detective Jackie Nichols can be contacted at 509-243-4717. Any tips submitted to this page are confidential and given to law enforcement.'

The murders have been the subject of a documentary.  You can click on the link here to see the movie.

On June 25th Lewiston Police and the FBI held a news conference updating the public on Kristen David's case.  Both entities tell the public that they haven't given up on the case.

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