Idaho has been on golf lockdown for more than two months but a quick check of Treasure Valley courses indicates it may be time to swing away!

During a normal Treasure Valley winter area golf courses may shutdown for a day or two while the snow comes and goes but this winter has been anything but normal.

However, warmer temperatures and rain have melted the snow and many area courses are hoping to open by this weekend.

630 The Fan checked with a dozen or so courses and the story is a little different at each but for the most part many are hoping to open this Saturday or Sunday. Many would be partial openings, 9-holes and walking only but the key word is "open."

Every course is dealing with wet grounds some more than others depending on location. Warm Springs says the snow is gone but the Goose poop remains so they have some cleanup to do but they are shooting for a Saturday opening.

Eagle Hills is looking at Sunday while Banbury hopes to invite golfers by early next week. So if cabin fever golf withdrawal has ruined your last two months it's time to wipe off the dust from your clubs and your game. 630 The Fan advices you check with your favorite course to determine to what extent the course is operational.

I don't care what the Groundhog says, area golf courses opening for play, now that's a real sign of spring!


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