The more we wait to hear if the Boise State-Florida State football game will be affected by weather, the stronger Hurricane Dorian becomes and the quicker it appears to be moving towards the Florida coast.

We do know the Florida Governor has declared a state of emergency to prepare the way for agencies to do their job.

Also, Jacksonville anchor Phil Amato, formerly of Boise, has report the Jacksonville Mayor will activate the city's Emergency Operations Center Thursday morning.

The latest forecast is for Dorian to be a cat-3 hurricane hitting the Florida coast late Sunday or early Monday.

Questions are being asked like...can you play football under a state of emergency, is it wise to fly everyone into Florida not knowing if they'll be able to leave before the hurricane hits.

The region is certainly much more and rightly so concerned about Dorian than the Bronco's and Seminoles.

The Idaho Press Tribune also tweeted the BSU-Florida State football contract has a weather clause releasing both sides from any responsibilities.

Boise State is schedule to leave for Florida late Thursday which means a final decision would be made before the flight took off. if not later today.

To be honest, as the conditions worsen it's becoming more and more oblivious the game is getting closer to being cancelled than played.

Again no official decision has been made either way but the forecast is ominous with Dorian on track to make landfall late Sunday.



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