The majority of us spend more of our awake hours with co-workers - at least Monday Thru Friday - than with our significant others. It is totally normal and helpful to your work life to make friends and connections with co-workers. Then there is the line of starting romantic relationships at work. Or perhaps something that started out as innocent and platonic friendship becomes more. There are lines for everyone and I am not going to tell you where your line is but what I do know is Idahoans in the work place, at least a third of them can be a little too friendly.

Moneypenny is the world's leading provider of telephone answering, outsourced switchboard, live chat, and customer contact solutions, they also do a ton of lifestyle research. A recent survey was conducted on 2000 Americans through Censuswide and was about workplace relationships - specifically romantic ones. "In terms of people actually having or considering having romantic relationships at work, 50% of Americans have done so and a further 7% of Americans having actually married someone they met at work."

So lets break it down more locally. The study zoned in on each state and compiled a ranking of the states from the most likely to start a romantic relationship at work to the least likely state to based off percentages from the response group and the states population.

The top three states most likely to get romantic at work or with a co-worker are:

1) Maine 75.0%
2) Louisiana 69.0%
3) New Hampshire 66.7%

The three least likely states to get romantic at work or with a co-worker are:

48) Montana 25.0%
49) Nevada 22.2%
50) Rhode Island 16.7%

Idaho landed near the end at number 40 with "36% of people in Idaho would have a romantic affair with a colleague at work."

We are not knocking anyone who meets the love of their life at work, dates and lives happily ever after- preferably just don't be in a current romantic relationship with someone else when it starts.

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