Most of us are glued to our televisions or social media watching the horrific events of the California wildfires that have already taken the lives of 31 people and burned thousands of homes.  Discussions are taking place at home, at work, and pretty much everywhere you go you're going to hear something about these fires.  But how do they affect other states and specifically how do they affect us here in Boise? wrote an interesting article last year on how wildfires affect everyone.  When thousands are displaced after losing their homes and businesses are burned to the ground, people lose jobs.  Especially those dealing with farming, food, or wine.  Those jobs don't just spring back up the minute the fires are taken care of.  It sometimes takes years or even decades to recover.  Some areas never recover from disasters like these.

So what does that have to do with us here in Boise?  We're a long ways away from the devastation taking place in Southern California right?  Wrong!

A very small percentage of the food we buy and consume comes from right here in Idaho.  Most of what we use is shipped in from other states like California.  These natural disasters affect supply and demand which affects pricing and ultimately affects choices we make when buying groceries or wine.

The real loss here are these lives that have been taken from us.  Hundreds are missing and others are currently being found in horrible situations where they've tried to escape in their cars and through other methods and get overpowered by the flames.  Others come home to no home at all.  Everything they have is gone.  That includes pictures, videos, and so many other things that can never be replaced.  All of us here in Boise are praying for those going through this nightmare.  Not because the price of food may go up a bit or because we can't find our favorite wine anymore.  We feel your pain and we're keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

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